The U.S is one of the most popularly visited countries by tourists. There are 185 types of visa types that grant entry to the United States. The most common type of visa is B1/B2, which is applied for tourism purposes. Each type of visa defines the purpose of the visit of the applicant. The validity and the length of stay vary for each visa. The U.S government screening for the visa application has become more stringent over the past few years. Proper documentation is pivotal for the approval of an American visitor visa.

1. Documents that do not meet the requirements

Lack of enough proof or related documents pertaining to the application. This also includes the validity of your passport.

Make a checklist of all the required documents. This will help you to keep track of the documents you have gathered. The list of the documents are available on the official web portal. If you have a travel agent, they will provide you with same which will save you a lot of time and stress on research

2. Incomplete or incorrect information on the application

Providing incomplete or inaccurate information may lead to a visa denial. Make sure you provide all the information as same as in your travel document. Always double-check the spellings. Never leave any field empty. Misrepresentation of any information may cause the applicant inadmissible

3. Criminal record of any kind

With any kind of criminal record, the chances of getting a U.S visa are minimum. The U.S government has imposed strict screening procedures before issuing a visa to foreign citizens.

Any kind of record of substance abuse or being involved in any kind of illegal activities like money laundering, drug /human /weapon trafficking or being associated with any terrorist groups that might pose threat to the country’s security can directly lead to visa rejection.

4. Cracking the interview

The personal interview seems to be intimidating to most of the applicants. Confidence is the key, but it is totally fine to be nervous too. But too much confidence and too nervous are red flags.

Be punctual and dress smart. Manage eye contact and pay attention to what they ask. Your answers should be truthful and short. Too much talking or any kind of miscommunication (poor spoken English) can leave a negative impact on the officer. If they feel there are any kind of inconsistency in the documents and what you say, it can go against your favor. So be prepared. A little bit of rehearsing won’t hurt. Even if you fail the interview, just relax. You can reapply.

5. Lack of financial means

You or your sponsor need to have enough money to cover the whole trip.


Failing to produce the proof stating the same will lead to visa rejection even though you have all the right documents. So, if you have green, you are good to go.

6. Applying for the wrong kind of visa

If the type of visa doesn’t match the purpose of your travel, your visa is likely to be denied. Study on various types of visas and ensure you apply for the right one. An expert visa consultant can help you too to avoid any uncertainty.

7. Committing visa fraud

Providing fake documents, hiding or lying about any information purposely and sometimes when a person provides inaccurate information unintentionally, the applicant becomes inadmissible.

Even if you are lucky to pass the interview and attain the visa, if you get caught, you will be deported.

8. Previous history of any kind of immigration violations

If you have overstayed on your previous visit, your application will be denied. Unlawful stay for 180 days or longer, you will be banned from entering the U.S for 3 years. If your duration of stay exceeds more than 1 year, you will be banned for 10 years after departure from the U.S.

9. No travel insurance

Always expect the unexpected while travelling. So better be safe than worry. Situations like missing or stolen baggage, cancellation of flights or medical emergencies or anything that may lead to financial loss can be covered by travel insurance. This is a mandatory factor while applying for a U.S visa.

You can buy your travel insurance from independent insurance companies or this will included in your package by default if you are travelling with the help of an agent.

10. Insufficient details showing you social/ professional responsibilities

The officials should be convinced that you are going to their country for a purpose and has no intention to settle there.

Failing to provide solid documents proving strong ties in your home country like ownership of any kind of business, ownership of land, family relations, and also professional responsibilities (letter from your employer) will lead to denial of a U.S visitor visa.

Visa rejection – Not the end of the world!!!!

If your visa application has been rejected, you are always free to reapply. However, their selection benchmark will become even higher for you this time around, since you will be seen as someone who got rejected earlier. So, take care of the above-listed points to avoid visa rejection the first time around. Always apply at the same consulate where you got rejected previously since they have all your data with them.

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Approach a certified travel agent if you don’t feel confident about applying on your own. They will guide you in the right direction. Their expertise in US visitor visa applications will get rid of any kind of deficiency.

Plan your adventure now and start your U.S visitor visa application right away.